Aug 22, 2005

how our group started?

      It all started during our 1st year in dlsu-d. Since were all new to the university, basically its kinda normal to see unfamiliar faces at that time. Everybody tried to gain new friends through simple conversations coz i bet nobody wants to be left behind (ryt?). We're all bsn students from the same school and section (bsn 1-6).

      We're actully from two separate groups. Though were not actually from the same group, we tend to enjoy each other's company. In other words, we get along well with each other. We decided to form a group of our own where two groups became one. It was on august 2, 2003 when our group became official.

the group is composed of how many bsn students?

   Our group is consists of 9 students; 7 ladies and 2 gentlemen.

members (arranged alphabetically):

Aquino, Christine Mae (Aqui)
 *She's already studying in Davao (same course)

Buhain, Anna Patricia (AP)
 *AP left the country and went to Canada for good with her Mom

Concepcion, Dianne

dela Cruz, Josephine (Josie/joe)
 *Just transferred to UPHSD (summer '05)

Duenas, Rhys Eldrid (Rhys)

Javier, Brigitte Elaine (Bridge)

Manaig, Jose Gregorio (Jet)

Matienzo, Karen

Reyes, Mary Christine (Mhenggay)

      Though were no longer from the same section now..though AP and Aqui wasnt around..though Josie transferred to other school...though we seldom see each other due to our hectic sched (you know how hectic the sched of nsg students are, ryt?) we're able to spend a quality time with each other..time and the fact of being far from one other wont destroyed the friendship that we have. Coz were almost inseparable...we've learned a lot from our past experiences...our short comings from the past...we've come this far coz we became intact with one another.

      We're already on our 2nd anniversary!!!

      God bless us all...

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